Powerful and seamless encryption on multiple storages and shared data.

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Encryption and
 data protection

Crosscloud allows companies, to apply strong client side encryption to selected data and storage service. Without disturbing the user, data is stored encrypted on the storages to protect company assets and become compliant with data protection regulations. Crosscloud encrypts files with AES-256 and RSA-4096, private keys are only stored on clients and the encryption scheme allows seamless encryption of shared data.

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Flexible encryption for
 every business process

It’s not always possible to maintain encryption on all data, the admin console allows for flexible configuration of encryption based on shares, content or the users that data is shared with. So whatever the requirements of your business process, crosscloud can adapt to and support it.

Flexible encryption
  • Seamless encryption

    Apply strong and seamless end-to-end encryption to all data.

  • Leakage protection

    Make sure essential data does not leak the company.

  • Share encrypted

    Extend encryption to shared data without any effort.