Sync, Control and Secure any (cloud) storage in your company.


Using different cloud storage services doesn’t have to be inconvenient. With CrossCloud your team can sync and handle all your company`s storage in one application - saving time and money.


Military grade encryption (AES256) can be applied to your files to meet data protection and confidentiality requirements. Company keys can be defined for the encryption and shared encryption between CrossCloud clients works effortlessly.


Your company gains full transparency over which data is synced and shared. All transactions can be documented and strange or unusual behavior can be detected.

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Powerful policies can easily be defined and enforced. Based on file extension, MIME-type, file size or other characteristics, the syncing and sharing of data can be filtered.


CrossCloud can be configured to keep a current version of every file synced through any cloud storage on company servers. So if the company is using a specific storage service, CrossCloud makes sure all data is there and backed up.